How to Fix Damaged Shingles?

Roof maintenance is one of the most home repairs. Keep in mind that the roof is one that keeps your family warm and dry, along with everything in your house. This is why it requires regular checkups and proper maintenance. Pay attention on those leaking areas and rotting shingles. To help you prevent these problems, here are some guidelines suggested by our team.

Repairing cracked shingles

For minor cracks or torn, you can simply repair it. Use a thick bed of water proof sealant under the crack. You can apply another coat to provide more pressure. Spread the sealant with a putty knife and wait to dry. It is also advisable to check the gutter for an accumulation of coloured granules that may have washed down the roof from the shingles. Make sure to clean everything to avoid clogging.

Replacing the shingles

First you need to get the exact measurements to replace the shingles. The problem is you might need to buy them in bulk. So just keep the leftover and use it next time you need a replacement. If you can’t find a perfect match, choose the closest one and just have it customised. Make sure you have the right tools as well. For this job, you need a hammer, a flat pry bar, a utility knife, and a handful of 11/4 inch roofing nails. You need to secure each single with four nails in every corner. Once you installed the top portion, remove the first row nails by sliding the pry quickly above the damaged one. Lift them gently to free it from the sealer trip.

Now check the first row nails beneath. Again, use the pry bar to remove the damaged shingle. Once the nail pops up about ¼ inches, remove the pry bar and press the shingle down to pull out the nail. After pulling out the remaining nails, you can now start replacing the shingles.

Fixing and upgrading your roof system requires more knowledge and experience. In fact, it could also be dangerous. While DIY projects can help you save some money, it is always better to be safe. If you think the damage is severe enough, call a professional.

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