Cylinder Blocks

Our wide range of machinery and staff of skilled engineers allows us to undertake work on most sizes of engines from small lawnmower engines up to high capacity car, truck, bus and marine engines.

We are favoured, in particular by veteran and vintage car restorers who often bring to us worn and seized engines for a complete overhaul.



The cylinder block is the heaviest part of the engine, with the cylinder bores prone to wear and damage: deep scoring and grooving occur when the piston rings are worn or broken, causing loss of compression, loss of performance and ultimately seizure.

Damage can also occur when the crankshaft wears completely through main bearings damaging the main line surface below.

Cylinder Reboring  – Cylinder reboring restores the surface of the cylinder walls by removing damaged surface metal thus restoring the cylinder surfaces to true cylinder dimensions. This operation increases the cylinder capacity, thus we supply new pistons and piston rings.

Cylinder Sleeving – Where required we are able to fit dry or wet cylinder liners.

Main Line Reclamation – Where the cylinder block has been subject to heavy wear through the main bearings, damaging the main line surfaces, we can line bore and supply oversize main bearings where available.


Key Operations

  1. – Cylinder Reboring
  2. – Plateau Honing
  3. – Fitting Wet or Dry Cylinder Liners
  4. – Main Line Reclamation
  5. – Engine Rebuilding
  6. – Piston Fitting
  7. – Flywheel Facing & Grinding
  8. – Fitting Flywheel Ring Gears