White Metalling

White metalling is the process used to describe the task of applying white metal to the surface of a shell bearing.

It involves tinning the carefully prepared shells, then gravity casting new molten white metal onto the bearing surface, leaving to cool and finally machining the new white metal surface to a very fine tolerance.



CBM are one of just a few companies worldwide able to undertake this specialised process.In addition to refurbishing old bearings, we can also manufacture new shell bearings.



Big End & Main Shell bearings for:

  • – Vintage Car Engines
  • – Commercial Vehicle Engines
  • – Agricultural Engines
  • – Marine Engines
  • – Motorcycle Engines
  • – ForkLift Truck Engines
  • – Off Highway Plant
  • – Generators
  • – Compressor applications


We also manufacture phosphor bronze bearings for various applications.